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Current questions and information about HfK Bremen and the hybrid Winter Semester 20/21.
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Last updated: 06.11.2020



In case of a possible infection, what are the most important contacts in Bremen?

→ Your family doctor: if you suspect an infection
→ The medical on-call service, 116 117: in case of suspected infection; outside the office hours of your family doctor or if you do not have a family doctor
→ Coronavirus Bürgertelefon, 115: for general questions about Coronavirus

Is there a main Corona contact person at HfK?

Yes, the main Corona contact person at HfK Bremen is Mrs. Natalie Lürßen. You can reach her at or by phone at 0421-9595 1016. She is available for consultation, but should also be contacted in case of suspected infection.

What should I do if I tested positive for COVID-19? What information should I give to HfK?

First of all: Stay at home!

If you have been infected with the COVID-19 virus or if you have a well-founded suspicion about it, please contact immediately.

The following information is important:
→ Since when do you have symptoms?
→ Were you in HfK in the 48 hours before the symptoms appeared?(location, ideally room numbers)
→ Did you have any contact with other persons at HfK in the 48 hours before the symptoms appeared? Have you already contacted any of these persons?
→ If there is a suspicion of infection: Have you already registered for a Corona test at the Corona Ambulanz via your family doctor? Please inform HfK once the test result is available.

What should I do if I feel sick?

If you feel ill or have symptoms that may be indicative of COVID-19, please stay at home.
Common symptoms can be:
→ Cough
→ Sore throat
→ Fever
If you are unsure, please contact your family doctor and ask about possible further measures. A profile on the Coronavirus done by the RKI can be found here.

What does "Category I / II" mean when speaking about chains of infection?

Category I contact persons: “increased risk of infection”
→ Persons with at least 15 minutes of face-to-face contact, e.g. during a conversation
→ Persons in a relatively confined space or difficult to survey contact situation, with a confirmed COVID-19 case

Category II contact persons: "reduced risk of infection”
→ Persons who have been in the same room as a confirmed COVID-19 case (e.g. at the workplace) but did not have at least 15 minutes of face-to-face contact with the COVID-19 case AND a situation where there is no suspicion of aerosol transfer beyond 1.5 m from the source case

More information can be found on the Homepage of RKI.

What should I do if I have had close contact with a person who has been diagnosed with COVID-19?

If you have been in close contact with a person infected with COVID-19 or have been informed by the public health department that you are a Category I person, please contact HfK will get back to you immediately. Please not that in this case, you are not allowed to enter HfK until you get permission from the health authorities or from your family doctor.

Where can I get tested? Does HfK offer Corona tests?

If you have a referral from your family doctor, the central contact point is the Corona-Ambulanz Bremen Stadt, near the Race course (Galopprennbahn). If the Public Health Department orders a test, the Corona Ambulanz is located in the Exhibition Halls 5 and 6.
Your family doctor will be happy to advise you if you have any questions. The doctors usually fax the referral form directly to the Corona-Ambulanz responsible for you. The costs for the test are covered by the health insurance companies if an examination/consultation by a doctor has taken place beforehand.
HfK does not offer Corona tests.

Will I be informed if a person from the HfK with whom I was in contact tested positive for COVID-19?

Yes. Persons who have tested positive should immediately contact and provide details of the contacts in the last 48 hours before the appearance of the symptoms. At the same time, the access documentation will be reviewed to establish the chains of contact. If, according to the above-mentioned person or the documentation, you have had contact with the infected person, you will be contacted by the HfK or by the public health department.

Where can I find the current status of risk areas in Germany and abroad?

You can find the latest status of the risk areas on the homepage of the RKI:
For risk areas abroad
For risk areas in Germany

Where can I find the Corona regulation valid in Bremen?

The Corona Ordinance of the Hanseatic City of Bremen is regularly updated and adapted to the situation. You can find the current version here.

Wintersemester 20/21

Is there a university break over the winter holidays 2020??

The HfK Bremen will close on Friday, December 18, 2020 at 20:00h and reopen on Monday, January 04, 2021 at 07:00h.
It is important to the HfK Bremen that no HfK member is left alone in this difficult time. In cases of hardship, e.g. students who had planned the time between Christmas and New Year to prepare for final examinations and who are absolutely and without alternative dependent on the rooms of the HfK, please first contact the deaneries. It will be worked on finding individual solutions in such cases.
Details can be found in the Chancellor's e-mail of 20.11.2020.

What is a hybrid semester?

The winter semester 20/21 is a hybrid semester, which means that it takes place in a combination of in person and digital teaching.

What is the "hybrid" scenario?

The "hybrid" scenario represents the normal case.
This means that a maximum presence is to be made possible while observing the rules of hygiene (in-person courses, access to studios, rooms and workshops). Courses that can be offered digitally should also be offered digitally.

What happens if the number of infections increases significantly?

Should the current situation be aggravated by an increase in the number of infections, HfK and especially the teaching staff will react flexibly with solutions between hybrid and digital teaching. This means, for example, that face-to-face teaching events would gradually be reduced based on the number of participants.
One-to-one tuition, one-to-one consultation and independent work and practice should remain possible as long as no emergency operation is declared.
The University Management is in constant dialogue with the Senatorial Office and the other Universities in the State of Bremen. They regularly discuss together which adjustments should be made at the universities under current conditions.

What happens if there is another lockdown?

In the event of a new lockdown, the "Online" scenario will take effect. If attendance classes have to be partially or completely discontinued due to increasing infection rates, the affected classes will switch to prepared online formats. For those formats that cannot be reproduced online, planned replacement formats will be offered.

Will all activities take place in person again?

No. In the hybrid winter semester 20/21, courses that can be offered digitally should be offered digitally so that the spatial capacities remain available for courses that can only be carried out in presence.

How many in person courses will there be in the "hybrid" scenario?

In order to achieve a fair distribution of the spatial capacities for classroom teaching, the participants of each course should be able to meet at least three times per semester. The duration of these face-to-face meetings depends on the available space.

What courses have priority for in person teaching?

Courses offered for first semester students and for students in their final semester have priority.

Where can I find the current regulations and further information about HfK?

A lot of information can be found here on the FAQ page. More detailed information and the latest letters from the University Management can be found on the Corona-Info-Page. Current information will also be sent to your HfK e-mail address, so please make sure that you can be reached via this address!

How is the Winter Semester 20/21 organized?

The winter semester starts on October 01, 2020 and ends on March 31, 2021 (with a semester break from December 21, 2020 up to and including January 01, 2021).

Start of the lecture period:
Department of Art and Design: October 19, 2020 | Department of Music: October 19, 2020

End of the lecture period:
Department of Art and Design: February 19, 2021 | Department of Music: February 26, 2021

If courses take place in person, am I required to participate?

Sufficient information should be easily accessible even for students who cannot be present at HfK. For participants who cannot attend courses in person, they should contact their teachers and clarify whether they can connect online or whether there can be another form of participation.

Do I still have to register through ARTIST?

JYes, for online as well as face-to-face courses you have to register via ARTIST as usual. You can find instructions on how to register on the ARTIST homepage in the info-box on the top right.
The dates for in person teaching are booked throughout the semester depending on the situation and are added on ARTIST, so please check the platform regularly.

Are excursions currently allowed?

Due to the rapid development of corona infections, with immediate effect and until the end of 2020 excusrions cannot be approved. Already approved excursions have to be cancelled.

How can I participate in online classes if, for example, I don't have a laptop or internet connection at home?

If you need equipment for digital teaching, you can contact the online teaching loan service: The service is free of charge for everyone.

HfK ground & rooms

What are the opening hours at the two HfK locations?

The Dechanatstraße is generally open from Monday to Friday from 7AM to 11PM, on weekends from 8AM to 8PM.
The Speicher XI is generally accessible 24 hours a day from Monday to Sunday.

Who has access to HfK and the rooms?

In general, all members and students of HfK Bremen have access to the locations at Dechanatstraße and Speicher XI as long as they follow the registration procedure. External guests must be approved in advance by the administration.

Is the canteen at the HfK open again? Can I cook my own food?

MENSA13 in Dechanatstraße will offer food-to-go to all students and teachers from 29.10.2020 on. The opening hours are Monday to Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m..

The canteen at Speicher XI is open from Monday to Friday from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m., there is also a to-go offer.

Please note that wearing a mask covering the mouth and nose is also mandatory in MENSA13 and in the canteen at Speicher XI.

No. The preparation of food and beverages is currently not allowed on the premises of the HfK.

Is the library open?

Speicher XI: the library is open on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. and from 1 p.m. to 4 p.m.. Up to seven people can be in the library at the same time. In compliance with the spacing rules, around a third of the workstations are available to you. Please use Checkin for registration and documentation.

Books can still be borrowed for 4 weeks. The library card can be applied for using this form and then picked up at the library. This allows you to borrow books at all SuUB locations.

Dechanatstraße: the library of the Department of Music is open in Corona times:
Monday to Thursday: 10am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm.
Please note the following: You may enter with mask and basket. Six baskets are available, if they are out of stock, you have to be patient and wait. Within the premises you should also take care of distances and hygiene measures on your own responsibility, especially in the rows of shelves. If necessary, eight workstations are available. Access to the building is by using the bell on the mailbox. In the foyer, each user must fill out the registration lists. Media can be borrowed in the library for 14 days. Any further questions? Please contact us by phone at 9595-1509 or

How many people are allowed in a room?

In principle, courses may be planned in attendance with up to 15 persons (including teachers and tutors) as long as suitable rooms are available. For workstations and workshops, the maximum number of people should be posted on the doors. This depends on the ventilation options, minimum distances to be maintained, etc.

Which HfK rooms can be used? How long can I stay in a room?

The rooms at HfK will receive a marking on the doors, which states how many persons may use the room at the same time. Only rooms that can be sufficiently ventilated are approved to be used.

Dechanatstraße: You can stay in a room, as long as you have booked it accordingly in advance and for the desired period of time. You can stay in the room without a fixed hour limit as long as you follow the ventilation rules (see rules of hygiene). You are not allowed to use rooms for which you have not registered, otherwise possible chains of infection cannot be traced back.

Speicher XI: You can stay in a room, as long as you have booked it accordingly in advance and for the desired period of time. You can stay in the room without a fixed hour limit as long as you follow the ventilation rules (see rules of hygiene).

Can I attend classes in private rooms?

No. Classes in private rooms (except for your practice and studying at home) are not allowed.

Can I smoke on the HfK premises?

No. Smoking is currently not allowed on the HfK premises.

booking a room & access control

First of all: Keep it friendly - and complete

The current conditions are a challenge for everyone. Therefore, respect and understanding for each other is especially important right now. This of course also applies to the room teams and receptions.
That means for example: If you contact the room teams outside the HfK mailbox, your request will be ignored.

Due to current events, the room teams are now only processing complete room bookings with the following information: full name, date, time and room numbers full name, date, time and room numbers, number of persons, instrument

Dechanatstraße: How do I book practice cabins?

For booking practice cabins the new system YaRooms is available.
here you can download a manual for using YaRooms.

Kindly note:
E-mail requests for booking of practice cells are ignored by setting up YaRooms. You can still book classrooms for practicing within the usual time limit via Raumteam FB Musik: Donnerstags ab 00:00 Uhr bis freitags um 12:00 Uhr. Booking requests that are received later by the Raumteam Musik will not be processed.
Please use the practice cells first. Please be fair and allow your fellow students to practice as well - this will benefit everyone in the long run.

Dechanatstraße: How do I book other rooms?

1. Think about what you want to do and arrange appointments with the respective contact persons. In which rooms do you want to work? Where do you want to pick up / bring back things?
2. Please adhere to the following time limits for your room requests:
For booking practice cabins the new system YaRooms is available.
[see previous question]. If capacities are available, classrooms can also be provided.
From thursday (0:00) to friday (12:00) you can request them for the days saturday to friday.
3. Send a mail with the following information to full name, date, time, room number, number of persons, instrument, other.
Since teaching has priority, it can happen at short notice that a classroom booked by you has to be given up.

→ If you should not be able to use your booked rooms at short notice, please cancel the practice cell or send an email immediately to for the cancellation of the classroom, so that the rooms can be made available to your fellow students.

Dechanatstraße: How do I register when I am in Dechanatstraße?

Please register at the reception. Here you can fill out a form so that in case of an infection it can be traced who has been in Dechanatstraße. The reception will give you access to the requested room. You can also download and fill out the form in advance, you can find it here.

Please remember to register in advance via YaRooms (practice cabins) or the room team (other rooms, e.g. classrooms).

Speicher XI: How do I book rooms, studios, offices or workshops?

The previous rules for room booking and access documentation - the three steps into the Speicher XI - still apply to you unchanged. Please proceed as follows:
1. Think about what you want to do and arrange appointments with the respective contact persons. In which rooms do you want to work? Where do you want to pick up / bring back things?
2. Once your appointment requests are confirmed, please fill out the online form. Remember to send the form well in advance of your appointment (Please remember that processing takes about 48 hours)

→ Room bookings and online form that arrive at short notice cannot be processed.
→ If the form is not filled out and sent in time, you will not be able to access Speicher XI (with a few exceptions, see next question) - your booking for rooms and workshops will expire.
→ If you should not be able to use your booked rooms at short notice please send an email to and cancel your booking so that the rooms can be used by your comolitonesses.

Speicher XI: Are there rooms that I can use without asking the room team?

Bookings via the room team and filling out the online form are not necessary for:
→ the attendance of courses and workshop courses. You will be picked up by the teaching staff at the main entrance
→ the use of the library, the printer, the tea kitchens and the mensa in Speicher XI. These places are already available through checkin and without room booking, but please document your stay with checkin.

Speicher XI: How does Checkin work and why is it recommended?

Register additionally to the normal access procedure at with your HfK e-mail address and phone number.
Once you have registered, you can keep a log of your stay on your smartphone. There is no need to install an app. The service also works on PCs and tablets.

Scan the QR code at each location or enter the four-digit room code at
A log is created during your visit, which is used in case of infection tracing.
Please do not forget to check out when leaving the respective rooms and also when leaving Speicher XI!

→ Furthermore, do not forget to submit your room requests via the room team, Checkin does not replace these steps (exceptions: see "Speicher XI: Are there rooms that I can use without requesting via the room team?)
Checkin is new and is in a four-week test phase. The more people participate, the better the system can be tested and refined.

Speicher XI: No smartphone? Low battery? Or do you prefer to use analog logging instead of Checkin?

As an alternative to the digital version, you can pick up a at reception when you enter the building. Now enter all the rooms you have visited, as well as the time of your entry and exit.
Return the paper visit report to reception at the end of the day.

→ Furthermore, do not forget to submit your room requests via the room team, Checkin does not replace these steps (exceptions: see "Speicher XI: Are there rooms that I can use without requesting via the room team?)
Checkin is new and is in a four-week test phase. The more people participate, the better the system can be tested and refined.

Speicher XI: How do I sign in when I am on site?

Please register at the reception. Please remember that you have sent your room request via the room team before! The reception staff will give you the keys for the booked rooms. Please do not forget to return the keys to reception when you leave Speicher XI.

Speicher XI: How do I register if I am a student assistant?

The documentation takes place - in the context of your student assistant activity - via the locking system when entering and leaving Speicher XI. For this you need your personal key card (see explanation at the terminal).

Please use Checkin for completeness of the documentation.Outside of your work as a student assistant the normal access procedure must be followed.

What happens with my personal data that I enter when booking a room and accessing the HfK?

Your personal data, be it on the registration form at the gate of Dechanatstraße, in the online form for room booking or when using Checkin or the paper visit log in Speicher XI, will only be used and stored under the applicable regulations. The information will be deleted after 3 weeks. Access to personal data is only possible for a few people and, outside of the necessary workflows for room booking and access, these data are only viewed in the event of an infection in order to trace possible chains of infection. Your data will be treated confidentially and respectfully.

Rules of hygiene

Are we required to wear a mask at HfK?

Masks must be worn at all times on the outside areas as well as in all buildings of the HfK. It does not matter how large the room is or how much distance you keep to the next person – you must wear a mask. This also applies during classes (conversations, making music, discussion etc.) and during rehearsals (ensemble, orchestra etc.). Since it is difficult or impossible to sing or play a wind instrument with a mask on, these persons may remove the mask. If you are working alone in a room (e.g. in practice cells), you may remove the mask.
With an increasing number of infections, the instructions of the Senatorial Authority for Science and Ports are clear and further exceptions cannot be granted. Please also note that visors are not permitted according to the Eighteenth Corona Ordinance § 3 paragraph 2.

What are the current rules of hygiene?

→ A mouth-and-nose protection must be worn in the HfK buildings on all walking paths.
→ The minimum distance of 1,5m must be maintained.
→ Wash your hands regularly and thoroughly.
→ Observe the sneezing and coughing rules.
→ Thoroughly ventilate the space between each use for at least 15 minutes. Thoroughly ventilate the room every 20 minutes during use.
→ Stay at home if you feel ill or have flu-like symptoms.

What is the correct minimum distance I should pay attention to?

The minimum distance is normally 1.5m. This applies inside and outside the school, on all passageways and classrooms. Generally it applies to both quiet activities and music making.

Please pay attention to the different minimum distances in the respective situations:
→ Speaking/teaching: in the direction of speech 3m, laterally 2m. If necessary, 3m must be estimated radially, should the person speaking/teaching moves around.
→ Activities in the studios/workshops that involve more movement, such as building a model: at least 2.5m.
→ Wind instruments: on both sides 2m, in wind direction at least 3m.
→ Performances, in the context of movement on the rehearsal and stage area, such as excessive speaking, singing, dancing, moving: 6m distance in the space for your own movements (about 20sqm per person).
→ Singing: 2m on both sides, at least 6m in the singing direction.

When does the regular HfK hygiene concept apply?

The HfK hygiene concept is valid for all courses and room uses with up to 15 persons as long as the current rules of hygiene are observed. The same applies to courses and room uses outside HfK. Your teacher will hand out a list of attendance for each course, please register there.

If I have to write a hygiene concept because the HfK hygiene concept does not apply, what does it consist of and what do I have to pay attention to?

→ Who is responsible for the event and who is the contact person for enquiries?
→ What is the maximum number of people that will be present?
→ Can the HfK rules of hygiene be observed (ventilation, minimum distance, documentation of the participants etc.)?
→ What changes do you want to make?

Send the hygiene concept ahead of time to The rectorate decides on them every two weeks during the rectorate meetings in consultation with the deaneries.

Courses & events

What group size is currently allowed for in person courses?

Generally, courses may be planned in attendance with up to 15 persons (including teachers and tutors) as long as suitable rooms are available.

In exceptional cases and after a thorough examination by the Rectorate, courses can be planned in the large rooms of the university (or in external rooms) with up to 30 persons. The Rectorate decides on this every two weeks in the Rectorate meeting in consultation with the deaneries after the application has been submitted to

Are final exams allowed in the WiSe?

Depending on the general conditions, final examinations should be allowed to take place in the winter semester 20/21 in the form of exhibitions, performances, concerts, lectures, etc. Internal audiences are allowed, please note when planning your final examination that, depending on the premises you use, a maximum of 15 people may participate.

In exceptional cases and after a thorough examination of individual cases by the Rectorate, events can be planned in the large rooms of the university (or in external rooms) with up to a maximum of 30 people. The Rectorate decides on this every two weeks in the rectorate meeting in consultation with the deaneries, after the application has been submitted to

Is the attendance of external persons possible?

Currently, the attendance of external persons is not possible.
An exception can be made for external contributors (speakers, musicians, jury etc.) if their participation is absolutely necessary for the realisation of an event. The rectorate decides on this every two weeks in the rectorate meeting in consultation with the deaneries after the application has been submitted to

Can events take place outside HfK?

Yes, outdoor events are possible as long as the weather is fine. The HfK rents external rooms in order to create further possibilities for courses. Please note that the HfK hygiene concept also applies to external rooms.

Are events with an external audience allowed?

No. Public events with an external audience are currently not possible.

Will Hochschultage 2021 take place?

Hochschultage 2021 will not take place in February 2021. A postponement to the end of the summer semester is currently under consideration, but depends on further developments.

Digitale Lehre

How do I register on Microsoft Teams?

Login to the HfK Portal. For this you will need your HfK e-mail address and the corresponding password. Once you are logged in, you will find the HfK Cloud Services on the right side of the Portal's homepage. Click on "Teams". Now you can download the app for free or register via your browser. To do this, you will again need your HfK e-mail address and corresponding password. You can also install MS Teams on your smartphone or tablet.

Where can I change my personal settings?

Click on the shortcut on the top right corner. Here you can adjust your microphone and camera settings under Settings. You can also change your availability status or log out of your account.

Is there any sort of MS Teams etiquette?

Yes. Here are some basic rules:
→ Mute your microphone when you are not speaking
→ Test your microphone and camera before your first teams meeting
→ Raise your "digital hand" when you want to speak
→ Use the @mentions function to address people directly
→ Be aware of your surroundings, because the others see them too *
→ Never record the meeting without discussing it with the others

* If you are attending a meeting from home, you can prevent people from seeing your private rooms and make your background unrecognizable. Shortcut: Ctrl + Shift + P // Cmd + Shift + P

How can I contact / call someone?

The easiest way is to enter the name of the person you want to call or chat with in the search bar at the top. This way you can find every person at HfK. After clicking on the name you are looking for, the shared chat history will open automatically. In the upper right corner you have the possibility to call the person (phone icon) or to reach them via video call (camera icon).

You want to open a group chat? Proceed as above and click on the person icon at the top (2nd icon from the right) and add who else should be in the group.

What are teams exactly?

A team is generated for each course. Through the teams list you can communicate with your teachers and colleagues, share documents, make appointments and discuss topics. In each team you can create different channels. It is best to communicate with your teacher if something is not clear to you about the structure.

What can I do with the Calendar function?

In the Calendar you can see on one hand to which meetings you have been invited to. On the other hand you can invite others to a meeting, for example to organize a study group. MS Teams is connected to your Outlook calendar. When you send an invitation to others in MS Teams, it will appear in the MS Teams calendar and in your Outlook calendar. In addition to this, all persons receive an invitation to the meeting by e-mail.

Do you want to participate in a meeting happening right now? Go to the Calendar, in most cases you will be able to join a meeting happening already by clicking on the "Join" button.

International Students

Does the hybrid semester affect my Visa?

If you have questions regarding your visa, please contact the BSU.

Who should I contact if I have problems with my Visa?

Foreign students should contact Dezernat 1. The International Office supports and advises international students in all areas concerning their stay in Germany (financing, accommodation, visas etc.) as well as HfK members who want to study abroad.
The AStA can also be contacted for questions and problems. Contact the speaker for International Affairs (Vicc Repasi) at

Who can help me if I do not understand texts or I am having trouble filling out forms?

Your fellow Language Assistance Students can help you understand texts. They not only help you with English, but also try to help with other languages (e.g. Korean, Arabic, Spanish or Chinese) through a student network. They can:
→ Offer assistance with the translation of assignments
→ Offer assistance with translation of short texts and announcements (Ausschreibungen/Ausschreibungstexten)
→ Offer assistance writing short texts or filling out forms in German
→ Accompany you to important meetings or appointments and help with the translation

You can reach the Language Assistance at

Who can help me with my residence permit?

An important contact point for International students is the “Bremen_Service_Universität”(BSU) at the University of Bremen. The BSU staff handles matters such as residence permits. More information can be found here.

Fees and leave of absence

Will the Winter Semester count toward my degree?

The Winter Semester 20/21 counts as a study semester (Fachsemester).

What semester fees do I have to pay?

In principle, a semester contribution of € 370.39 is due for the winter semester 2020/21.

I do not need the semester ticket, do I still have to pay for it?

The contribution for the semester ticket is part of the re-registration. It is based on the solidarity principle. Please contact the Department 1 / Office for Students ( for information on any exceptions that apply (e.g. severe disability, leave of absence, semester abroad).

Contact & Support

I am new at the HfK: Where do I go if I have questions?

Go to the Chaos Office of the AStA!
The Chaos Office of the AStAis a student helpdesk and first point of contact.
The Chaos Office is located in the AStA Container in Speicher XI and at the second entrance in Dechanatstraße.

The Chaos Office will help you with:
→ arrival and orientation
→ information about the orientation week and the introductory events
→ general questions about mediation to the responsible departments
→ problems and questions regarding room booking or usage
→ information about the opening hours of the buildings, workshops, and events
→ questions about current Corona rules at HfK
→ questions regarding the student committee elections

Also at the Chaos Office, masks and spacing are mandatory. If these can no longer be guaranteed, the Chaos Office must close. Please help the AStA and your peers by following the rules.

You can also reach the AStA outside the consultation hours and ask your questions. Send them an e-mail to or call them.
Department of Music in Dechanatstraße: 0421 - 95 95 1061; Department of Arts and Design in Speicher XI: 0421 - 95 95 1060.

You are solo freelancer? Apply now for the Novemberhilfe!

Applications for November assistance can be placed immediately over the national IT platform of the bridging assistance. The application must be submitted electronically by a tax advisor, auditor, sworn auditor, attorney or solicitor (so-called examining third parties).

Solo self-employed persons are directly entitled to apply for funding up to a maximum of 5,000 euros under special identification requirements, provided they have not yet submitted an application for bridging assistance.
As a prerequisite, they need an ELSTER certificate. Information on creating a user account for ELSTER and on the certificate file can be found on the ELSTER portal.

The November aid will be extended into December on the basis of the November aid and the rules of the bridging aid III will be adjusted accordingly. For this please pay attention to the updated Corona-Verordnung, only when the "December aid" is fixed here, it is considered as legally valid.

Further information can be found on the website, please check there.

What is the HfK Social Fund and who can access it?

The HfK Social Fund helps students who find themselves in financial difficulties.Conditions for this are:
→ you are enrolled at HfK
→ you have fallen into an economic emergency from which you cannot free yourself

International students please contact the International Office (, German students please contact Dezernat 1(

What is the loan fund of the Studierendenwerk Bremen?

The Studierendenwerk Bremen offers temporary help through interest-free loans to students in need through no fault of their own. The amount of the loan is determined by the extent of the financial emergency, but may not exceed a sum of 550.00 € per month. The loan is granted for a maximum period of 3 months. Further information and application documents can be found here.

Are there other possibilities to apply for temporary aid?

Students who do not meet the BAFöG criteria or who nevertheless find themselves in a pandemic-related emergency situation can apply for temporary aid for students in pandemic-related emergency situations. The aid is awarded as a grant. Applications can be submitted via the BMBF website, and the applications will then be processed by the Studierendenwerk Bremen. The application can be made via the following link: https://www.überbrü

Further information can be found here.

Does the Federal Employment Agency offer financial assistance?

On the dedicated page of the Federal Employment Agency you will find current information on the topic of basic security for self-employed persons, freelancers and other affected persons. You can also call the special hotline: 0800 4 5555 23.

What does the cultural promotion of the Studierendenwerk Bremen do?

Due to the discontinuation of numerous events and projects that make up student life in Bremen and Bremerhaven, the cultural support of the Studierendenwerk Bremen has financial means at its disposal. The Studierendenwerk Bremen would like to support creative ideas that can be realized despite the coronavirus pandemic. You can find the application form for funding of student cultural projects here.

Is there any help provided for independent freelancers?

Solo self-employed persons or micro-entrepreneurs can apply for "Corona emergency aid" with a simple application. The aid does not have to be paid back, but must be declared in the tax return the following year.
The „Bremer Aufbaubank“ in Bremen and the „Nbank“ in Lower Saxony are responsible for implementing the emergency aid. Information from the Minister of Culture about the support program for cultural workers can be found here.

Can anyone help me with questions about scholarships and residencies?

Together with the Forschungs-und-Nachwuchsförderung, students can advise you in English and German via Skype on topics related to scholarships and residences:
→ Which institutions offer what kind of scholarships?
→ What are the criteria? How and when can you apply?
→ How do you write a convincing application and what should you include in a CV?
→ What residency opportunities are there and how can you apply?


Who can I contact if I need psychological or social counselling?

The Studierendenwerk continues to offer psychological counselling in this difficult situation. Contact and details can be found here.

The social counseling of the Studierendenwerk is also available. Contact and details can be found here.

The AStA of HfK is also at your side. Contact the Department of Social Affairs + Discrimination (Friederike Lauschke): You can find details on the AStA website.

Who can I turn to in the case of domestic violence?

The AStA of the University of Bremen has compiled an extensive list of hotlines. This list currently contains:
→ Hotline "Violence against women": 08000 116 016 (free of charge)
→ Hotline "Pregnant women in distress": 0800 40 40 020 (free of charge)
→ Children and youth "NummerGegenKummer": 116 111 (free of charge)
→ Parents' telephone for parents in stress situations: 0800 111 0 550 (free of charge)
→ Sexual abuse hotline: 0800 22 55 530

You can find more details here.

Where else can I get information about support offers at HfK?

The AStA will keep you up to date on all aspects of support and counseling: